In the Zhytomyr region in Korostyshiv district helped return stolen and resold owners baby carriage

to District Police asked residents of. Korostyshiv a report of a theft. The man said that the entrance of his house someone stole the baby carriage. The police tracked down and set thief. The applicant said dilnychnomu, from time to time when he was at work, bulky car after walking with the baby's wife was forced to leave in the doorway until he comes back or someone else will cope. But that day entered the apartment turned out nothing - cost price thing in over 5 thousand, probably more pleased someone and took with him. However,then the applicant for a walk in baby carriage noticed from the outside is very similar to them and appealed to the police. Precinct inspectors sought out new owner of technology. A young woman, when asked about the origin of policemen cart honestly told that acquired it with friends. As the acting Head of District Police Jury Korostyshiv Wherem'yanets, and was 19-year-old local resident who stole and equipment. For a while held in treasury, and then decided to sell. Now into the matter continued pretrial investigation Part 1 185 (theft) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. With the secret abduction of another's property defined penalty of a fine of 50 to 100 tax-free minimumincomes, or community service for a term of 80 to 240 hours, or correctional labor for up to 2 years, or imprisonment for up to 6 months, or imprisonment for up to 3 years. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zhytomyr region, According to the District Police Korostyshiv