In Vinnytsia summarized rescue operation last year

February 12 at 10:00 am in room Vinnytsia Oblast State Administration chaired by the Deputy Governor Andrew Gyzhko considered current issue of the regional service « 101 & raquo ;, and district administrations, agencies , institutions and organizatsiy in matters of security, public information and education actions in case of emergency. The meeting noted that to date made clarification and correction action plan of government forces and the Vinnytsia regional territorial subsystems unified state system of civil protection in the event Bootzi or emergency situations. It is estimated that in the event of emergency situations in the autumn and winter may be involved for tasks 689 vehicles and 1628 personnel of regional services, companies and organizations. The meeting was attended by Assistant to the Chairman DSNS Ukraine Lyudmila Shostakwhich gave a positive assessment of the rescue of the year that has passed, and noted the high level of cooperation HUDSNS Ukraine in Vinnytsia region with authorities and local governments. The main lifeguard colonel Civil Protection Ruslan Shevchuk in his report reminded of prominent events arising in the territoryuu region in 2014. In total there were 6 classified emergencies, during which killed Mr ’ yatero people. Units of area for events with emergencies and events firefighting and rescue of other measures were made 9917 visits. Most – There were andAgoranomos. Last year was registered in 2005 fires. Most of them were caused by the negligence of themselves as owners of about ’ objects and houses. During 2014 a group of pyrotechnic works 121 times traveled to the neutralization of explosive devices. It destroyed 573 pieces. Ruslan Shevchuk aktsentuvav note that employees of the Main Directorate of units taken a number of organizational and practical measures to strengthen the defense of our country, in particular provided assistance to the State Border Service in engineering for State Border of Ukraine. The region is an electronic record of protective structures of civil protection. AsJanuary 1, 2015 Accounting 1297 is protective structures, including 112 stores and 1185 anti-radiation shelters. In cooperation with the executive authorities, local self rescuers took part in comprehensive inspections and technical inventory of protective structures of civil protection. As a result of laneEden comprehensive inspections leaders about ’ objects handed acts of inspections to eliminate shortcomings. In order to prevent man-made emergencies and natural disasters in 2014 organized a status of civil defense and technological safety 465 potentially dangerous about ’ objects, of which about 223 ’ Objects of increased danger. The meeting noted that the state of technological security against potentially dangerous ’ objects is one that needs to be improved. The analysis of 2014, the measures envisaged by the basic steps to prepare territorial subsystems unified state civil defense system Vinnytsia region, execuno. PG DSNS Ukraine in Vinnitsa region