In Ternopil competition for the creation of a network of commercial sales of products

social Initiated mayor Sergei future, called ’ communication of price increase and under privileged people providing food, Ternopil City Council announces the start of the competition to create trade NetworkSales of social products. It is expected that in every neighborhood of the city will be at least two to three stores where preferential categories ternopolyan can buy bread, flour, pasta, cereals, rice, beef, pork, poultry, milk, eggs, butter, sugar and other products at discounted prices . Calls for proposals Ternopil City Council ogoloshuye the start of the competition to create a commercial network of social selling products that are in highest demand among residents. Applications The application deadline is April 20, 2015 at:. Ternopil, st. Copernicus 1 st. 401 - Department of Economy, Industry and Labour. Inquiries by phone. 25-16-49. The winner Co.nkursu recognized contender that has adequate capacity to create a trading network to meet the needs of residents in social products, opportunities to ensure the smooth and timely delivery of social product offers which meet the conditions of the competition, and who offers the best conditions for the provision of services for atsatisfaction of social needs. The winner of the competition, within the funds to finance the program of development of small and medium enterprises, the city budget will receive financial support for the project. Competition: * Creation chain stores or departments of social commerce products in all neighborhoods of the city; * Ensure Categoriesis less than 50% of the total social product range at producer prices; * Ensure a high quality of bread and other food products in accordance with the defined range in accordance with applicable state standards; * Ensure the proper preservation of social products. The total range of social productsthat can be implemented winners in stores or departments, is based on the list of social products formed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The contest is not permitted to persons who: * Declared bankrupt or in respect of which a violation of the bankruptcy case. Do not provide relevant financial documents be confirmeddzhuvaly their financial capacity to enforce the terms of the competition. * Are under liquidation. * Property (of property) which is a tax lien on the property or seized. * Arrears in the payment of taxes (Duty ’ compulsory payments). Do not fulfilled the conditions of the previous investment contracts. This isreported in Ternopil City Council