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Volyn: Attention, sleet!

Dear drivers, due to lower night thermal behavior to -1 -2 degrees Roads possible sleet. Rain with sleet significantly hamper the roads area. In the evening and morning hours wet roadbed may be especially dangerous for motorists. State car Volynfield notes, in order to avoid accidents in the first place follow the traffic rules! Do not exceed the set speed limits, avoid risky manevruvan, take care of their own safety and passenger safety car fiksuytesya safety belts. Follow the race and Be sensible when making overtaking, sleeton the road can be cause loss of control of the vehicle. If you change winter tires to summer, Try these days to travel the vehicle. Approaching pedestrian crossings, reduces the rate of advance, since under wet roadway, sudden appearance of man on the road will give you the timely zahalmuvatm. Be sensible and careful! UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn region