PJSC "Chernihivgas" print documents for subsidies to consumers of housing services

349 400 gas consumers in Chernihiv region by April 15 will receive a letter with an application for a grant, declarations of income and expenses, and instructions for filling them out. This company will allocate about 50 thousand of its own funds. Repliesbottom to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 106 dated February 28, 2015, providers of utility services, including and gas distribution company, to provide its customers with application forms and declarations, as well as instructions for completing these documents for subsidies under the simplified system . "During the meeting currybureaucrats companies with representatives of the regional authorities, it was decided to apportion among companies that provide utility services, obligations and expenses incurred in the provision of documents people ", - said First Deputy Chairman of JSC" Chernihivgas "Sergey Savchenko. - Delivery of letters to consumers will propechuvaty own - most likely it will do all utility controllers. And in mid-April, people will receive an email with all necessary documents for registration of subsidies. " On May 1, 2015 a simplified procedure of registration of subsidies. Declaration forms and applications received by mail, people can fill in their own home. GoTovey documents should be sent to the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the place of residence by mail or in person to provide. Advice on design grants available from the local Office of Labor and Social Protection of the population in Chernihiv region or by calling on the government "hot line" call 0 800 507 309. Pro new mechanism for obtaining grants, which will be valid from May 1 2015, available on the official website of PJSC "Chernihivgas" in "The customer". There consumers can download an application form and declaration of income. According to the JSC "Chernihivgas"