Basil Mazuryk: A year of forestry managed to make profitable

Svobodivets Basil Mazuryk led Volyn Forestry and Wildlife Service in April last year. For almost a year, despite the difficult situation in Ukraine, he was able to do a lot. Evidence of this is the field of economic indicators. New head swirliznyaye depth vision problems, love the forest, patriotism, honesty and humility. On the true situation in forestry Volyn lustration in, fighting corruption, future prospects, he said in an interview. - Vasily, you led the Department of Forestry and Hunting after the victory of the Revolution dignity. Since IKimi problems met? Was made lustration in the forest industry? - I work in forestry ago, so I know the problem within the industry. The forestry sector exist somewhere outside the state. It is characterized by the same problems as for our society. After the Revolution of dignity was a lot of personnel changes. Muchpeople released, including first deputy head of administration, foresters, directors. Unfortunately, in the course of this list updated. There are comments in the work is malpractice. Therefore lustration, cleaning furniture network from casual, dishonest or involved in corruption people continues and will continue.- What are the challenges to prioritize their work? - The first priority in the forester - a growing and care of forests. However, my first task at a time when it came into office, was to change people's minds, to convince that it is possible to live differently and therefore better. Although it's a long process, but some progress is. The collective workperceived very differently people see the results of their work. They began to freely express their thoughts, learn to solve problems on their own. - What activities are carried out for forest protection from illegal logging, sawmills? - Forest protection - the main tasks of foresters. In this difficult time it is not easy to perform. Unauthorized districtubky and unfair business of a mutually connected with social status and social support population. If rural unemployment prevails if the people have no means of livelihood, it pushes them on the trail of illegal activities. But that is no reason to give up. Employees forest protection stops the machine without documents.Not once had to detain large speculators. They received probation, and fines. The total amount of fines issued last year is 1.2 million USD. Many cases are in courts and other institutions. We understand a simple thing. Successful combat illegal logging of forests can only be mutually agreed upon when posytsiya all branches of government and law enforcement. When connect Revenue Service. When you are formalized maximum number of entrepreneurs, plenty of benches for working illegally. Equally important is community conscious position. For example, in Horokhiv poachers managed to bring out into the fact that there were people themselves UchaAmount their detection, apprehension. Active conscious community interested in the future result, they put pressure on the police, do not let them pull the brakes on deal or negotiate with violators. Where the case is connected community arrive faster. - What economic gains for the year of operation can boast? - Last yearof the main achievement think that finally forestry enterprises had money. Now is not the people who walk in the morning and wait when they asked something foresters: chain saws to, diesel fuel or something else. We have real money in the accounts. Last year we earned 481 million, 175 million more than in posturesynulomu year. Increased average wage. Moreover, it has grown even when we took over 600 men, blue-collar workers, machine operators, drivers logging cars, woodcutters. This process continues. average wage here is 3700 USD. It is a pleasure to see the smiling, verstatnyts logging vehicles and drivers, Imo say that last month were 6 or 7 thousand salary. Spring - the main time when we plant forest plantations. This year we plan to plant 1 720 hectares of forest plantations. We are in a hurry, because the winter was almost no snow and little moisture in the soil. Without a doubt, we will complete them on time, because there is sufficient planting material. - Prokomentuyte scandalous situation of illegal extraction of amber in Manevitskiy area. - Problem with amber appeared recently, but has the dynamics of growth. With the onset of warm weather and daylight hours increase illegal mining only increase. Now hard times. In the many social problems. In villages dominated by unemployment. People searchyut fast money, easy money. They do not realize that washing away our Poliskiy amber, " tears pine & quot ;, earning those few cents, broken ground cover, washed all of humus soil, grass cover is destroyed. And nature to regain back what spaplyuzhyly per hour, need not hundreds, but thousands of years. Tostorozhuye the fact that amber diggers often used name known in NGOs for their cover. Perhaps it comes to organized crime activities. But all this must understand law enforcement agencies. No need to stand by local authorities. - Who do you think is true the organismTransforming obscure aggressive actions by the administration? - You can express different assumptions, but is likely for the men who participated in those events, there are people who really want to take control of financial flows in the forestry sector Volyn. Or want to restore its influence and corruption in the old who collapsed after Roarolyutsiyi dignity. Moreover, requirements that protrude are inherently contradictory - on the one hand is required to prohibit logging, on the other, to provide local entrepreneurs timber in an unlimited amount of high quality and at low prices. It should be noted that most of the people who came under the control of forestrydid not know for what purpose they are there. Later they realized that they tend to use in their mercantile purposes different smart businessmen to solve business problems. Industry definitely needs changes and reforms. The steps taken in the field of forestry sector to revive and clean it of corrupt and thieves are correct. But it can not be done overnight. It takes a lot of changes especially in the legislation. It is clear that these actions do not like someone, but it does not force us to step back. - How to effectively solve the problem of corruption in the forestry sector? - Corruption - a worldwide problem. And Ukraine, unfortunately, ranks among the highest in the world in terms koruptsiher. And yet much progress on this front is not happening. Of course, if the patient the whole state, if the patient community, the forest industry, the disease also could not avoid. We're part of the country, we live in society. In the forestry sector recorded the same problems that are typical for the whole country. Can overcome corruption must unite allpublic institutions and cooperation with society. I am far from thinking that you can give absolute order in any one particular area where corruption affected the entire body. As long as Ukraine will not work efficiently laws until the political will - overcome corruption will not succeed. And of course, requires the active conscious posturesytsiya community, village head. We have to tackle it all together. - After the Revolution of dignity issue of transparency of state enterprises has become critical. Do you plan to report to the community about the work? - The issue of transparency and accountability, we pay much attention. All meetings take place in public administration. Freedom ofbodivtsi not hold back problems and solve them. Monthly basis results for the month, and the results of the quarter note the best economy, the best workers are taking up competition among teams. This is done in order to increase productivity and share best practices. The report also held on the results of the2014. They are invited MPs, local authorities, community. Most of forestry in the press covering their performance. the community in the local press. People need to know how the foresters. Accountability and transparency - our strategic goal. This is a good incentive to improve. - It is fashionable to talk about reform. What reformsneeds of the forest industry? - State forest enterprises operate according to the rules defined by applicable law. Absolutely sure that the reforms we need. As in the whole country and the forestry sector in particular. But the question is whether this is real reform, or their imitation. Some questions I alarming. As an example, has favno discusses privatization in the forestry sector. I would not like to repeat the negative experience of previous privatizations in other areas. I have absolutely nothing against private businesses or against privatization as such. But it should be legally and publicly. The main principle in the forestry sector - do no harm. It's one thing if the industry come from IUMeanwhile its development and love of the forest, and the other - to make profit. I am convinced that successful reforms in forest inseparably linked with successful and correct reforms. This was reported in the press service of the Volyn Oblast PA " Freedom "