In Khmelnytsky contribute to the preservation of the environment can make all

Transparent clean air, blue rivers, lakes, springs, majestic forests, Blooming Grove - all this great wealth of our native Ukraine! But it is clear that the nature in which we live and will live the next generation - dirty, indestructible, it dies andfuture could be awful if not immediately intervene. Yes, the time has come boldly and confidently deliver ecological environment. "We must live not only shnimy needs, but also take care of the state of nature and future of tomorrow's day. Your contribution can make one, at least not clog land to plant at least one tree, build a birdhouseth spring. Of course, this little, but maybe if everyone starts respectful attitude to the environment, then nature must thank. We want to live in a new way, and his example showing how to do it "- so say students of the department of ecology Khmelnytsky National University. Environmentally conscious, full of Mr.Adilly a better future youth also joined the campaign "For clean environment" and together with the staff of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources RSA performed cleanup and planted greenery. This ecological event is held to attract the public to restore order, landscaping and public welfarepoints and formation of ecological knowledge and culture. For ecological culture is part of human relationships and the environment. It provides care about human nature. Protect the nature! Be environmentally conscious people !!!! The information was