Uzhhorodets voluntarily surrendered to the police two guns

uzhhorodets conscious voluntarily surrendered to police Gorotdel two guns that are inherited from a relative. A statement to Uzhgorod Gorotdel police turned 41-year-old resident of the city that he intends to hand over two shotgun of "TOZ-74" and Sauer. Weapons receives ithad inherited from deceased relatives. Guns police seized and sent for investigation to the Research Forensic Centre at the Ministry of Internal Affairs area. Remember: now in passing month voluntary surrender of weapons, in which you can voluntarily surrender their weapons, ammunition, explosives and special devices. - Violation of the requirements chynnohat law comes responsibility. However, the voluntary surrender of weapons, ammunition, explosives and special equipment exempt from any liability citizens - said Acting deputy chief of the city Department of Public Safety-head Uzhgorod Gorotdel Police Major John Trofil. Guardians again urge citizens Dobrovyl surrender firearms, ammunition, explosives and special devices. If you have any questions regarding delivery of weapons of acquisition or registration, please contact the licensing system Gorotdel police or tel.44-52-87. Information Uzhhorod MB MIA