Relatives and colleagues welcomed the warm embrace of Ternopil operatives who returned from the area ATU

After months of service in the area of ??counter-terrorism officers returned home to operational units Ternopil - rozshukivtsi, ubozivtsi and economic crime fighters. With flowers and happy smiles greeted their fellow soldiersand, relatives and friends. Operatives performing service tasks in different locations Donbass. Soldiers admit that it was not easy, but they are adequately fulfilled their duties and returned home at full strength. Eleven of the Department for Combating Economic Crimes region served at checkpoints, controlled aboutpusknyy mode, the car tested for the presence of weapons helped ensure law and order at the place of duty. Similar tasks are performed and operatives of the Criminal Investigation Division and the fight against organized crime. In their group was 10 people. In addition, Ternopil inhabitants helped colleagues from the local district police departments solve crimes. With Mr.overnennyam to their homeland operatives welcomed leadership, colleagues, relatives and friends. Inexpressible feeling of joy and pride filled with these moments of meeting, because their defenders came back alive and unharmed. After a short break operatives return to duty on the ground. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopilskiy area