Spring flood in Chernihiv expected low and pass within

riverbeds spring flood this year by level and water flow is lower and well below the average, close to last year and no significant adverse effects reported Chernihiv Regional Center for Hydrometeorology. This is evidenced by a comprehensive analysis of factors springyanoho flood prevailing in mid-February this year (unstable and low snihozapasy, shallow soil freezing close to normal wetting his meter layer reduced current water content of rivers). According to the February 10 shooting snihomirnyh snow depth in the basin of the Dnieper and Desna less than 10 cm, and water supplies in itequal to 1-17 mm. This is generally less than the rate at that date and for much less snihozapasy that form the average spring flood. The depth of soil freezing is less than average and as of February 10, preferably equal to 20-50 cm. In the basins of the Upper Dnieper and Desna outside Ukraine freezing soil is 30-70 cm. Because winter timerur there was a significant replenishment moisture meter soil layer to the average long-term performance. In the rivers of the area held winter time with minor fluctuations in water levels that are within their channels. Current levels much lower than water mark out of the floodplain. Ice phenomena observed in the form of incomplete freezing (thickeron the ice does not exceed 10-15 cm), rim, zaberehiv. According to experts, during the spring flood formation do not expect flooding floodplain areas. Flood can pass mainly within river channels. Threats partial flooding of populated areas, buildings, about ’ objects of management and river infrastructure, etc.No water. The destruction of freezing and passing Drifting also no threat to riverine areas and about ’ objects. It is predicted that if the future is restored snow accumulation and spring vypadatymut no significant rains, there is a high likelihood of small and medium rivers of very low or even mild floodThat can aggravate ecological status of rivers. According to Chernihiv Oblast Center for Hydrometeorology