In the Rivne region to offer farmers a promising business

In Rivne regional employment center April 1st a presentation of the group of companies "UkrTechnoPhos' for rural unemployed involving its CEO George Suprunyuk, heads of regional and district centers of Rivne. Director of the company shared withdevelopment plans concerned farmers' UkrTechnoPhos. " The company offers to join their activities to village residents, replacing them with unemployment paid and promising work in the agricultural sector. It was as a supplement staff already existing production and opening new options for cooperation. In particular, interested persons will be able tobecome representatives of LLC "UkrTechnoPhos 'or PP' Mineraliz" in their localities to make distribution of fertilizers "U ? Phos" most convenient for the end user. In order to develop even small farmers, Yuri Suprunyuk urged executives to cultivate promising niche for export crops (oilseed cartzi, beans, mustard, etc.), and only bring products to European standards will take over the company's specialists. With all the same subtleties that should be considered most effective for entities wishing to share with agronomists. Specialists Group of Companies "UkrTechnoPhos' and research institutions of Rivne ready to hold a special meeting trainingsin rural areas where communities seriously interested in the project. And interest in farmers really are: present at the meeting vividly discussed how promising them sounded areas of work, and even determine who of them become "pioneers". Together with Yuri Suprunyuk Employment Centre is planning to organize training and education of future pratsivnyKiv, organize the work of a temporary nature for those who are registered at the employment agency. He drew attention to the forced displaced people from the East to Rivne ready to support them and provide jobs. If a prospective entrepreneur can convince the competent committee of the importance of his ideas, he will receive from employmentand one-time assistance for starting a business, and up to 20 thousand. UAH to fund "Development of Rivne region", created by George Suprunyuk. In general, the future businessman can get a good start-up capital. Five unemployed has volunteered to do business perspective, they qualify for employment provided detailedadvice. This was reported in Rivne city employment center