Police checks the legality of the volunteers at the station in Lviv

Sentinels are checking on the application of social activist on the legality of volunteers at the railway station station of Lviv. By the duty of the department at the station Lions received a petition from NGO activists to identify the terytoriyi Lviv railway station citizen who collects funds for soldiers ATO. As it turned out, the man in camouflage introduced a volunteer with community organizations. It is on the basis of authorization from volunteer service to collect funds for soldiers and wounded in the ATO. Otherwise, police claimatrulnoyi service department at the station Lviv found on the platform station man in green vest that says "Change the world - help first." In his hand was located transparent box to raise funds for the treatment of the child. As explained 40-year-old, he is one of the volunteer charities. On the basis of the contract between him tand the organization he collected donations for the treatment of the child. Findings reported in the Journal of uniform accounting statements and reports on committed criminal offenses and other events. Citizens who identified themselves as volunteers are invited to the next line of the department for verification of Permits to collect donations.In the presence of witnesses boxes with funds withdrawn from them. Transport police department at for centuries. Lviv according inspects facts. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine in Lviv railway

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/