Advertising chaos in Chernihiv the "touring"

Donetsk businessmen obkleila Chernigov before March 27-28 thousands of ads shoes, "sheepskin" and "skin". Inspector "polling stations to monitor the beautification of the city" found the author of distributing advertising. They found 21-year-old businessman from the village of Constantine district, Donetsk Ivanopole aboutoblast. On the infringer made adminprotokol of abuse improvement. He is to pay a fine of 340 do1360 USD. As the Director of "polling stations to monitor the accomplishment destination" Artem Stakhiv, is the utility collects offers private distributors of outdoor advertising to create a modern network "fast" DClam, Charente-Maritime. He explained that advertisers are required to Chernihiv create a unit that puts ads quickly and then ochyschatyme city from it. Such a task at a recent meeting of the distributors of outdoor advertising set Deputy Mayor Victor care. He said that these firms from other cities already seeking to provide the following posmeadows and Chernigov. Glue, paper and polluted their electric trolley and supports, fences and walls are disappearing from the tourist Chernigov. According to KP "Plot to control the beautification of the city"