Crew sponsored boat "Exactly," thanked the city for our support and patriotic education personnel to Rivne

Yesterday, the day of the 26th anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the crew visited our city sponsored boat "Exactly" (m. Odessa). This is their traditional visit to this day. Rivne Union Veterans Afhanistanu for several years dealing with seamen. Also, recall, November 8, 2014. Exactly solemn signing of patronage Executive Committee of the City Council of artillery boat Navy Armed Forces of Ukraine, which in September 2013 was awarded the title "Equal". At the time of hardship and poor funding from theMinistry of Defence Rovno committed to help crew the boat technically and ideologically. And to help this destination yet reached. - The soldiers asked us to help them with the purchase of some equipment. In particular diesel electric generator for autonomous power, electric apparatus and something else. What we did. ExtrasOmogoy will be carried further. For us it is a matter of honor. Especially in this historical time, - the mayor of Rivne Volodymyr Khomko. A February 15 in Rivne's Palace of Culture "Textilschik" crew boats "levels" in the name of the first brigade commanders Navy surface ships of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and personnel boat, Mr.odyakuvaly community Rivne and Mayor Vladimir Khomko "With the improvement of social and living conditions of soldiers and aid in the education of military and patriotic qualities of personnel." This was reported in the Rivne City Council