Transcarpathian rescuers calling people not to burn dry grass

Although the nature of our special warmth is not happy, but red and white cars Transcarpathian firefighters have had 5 times to rush to the site of fire of dry grass, shrubs and debris. This year's first report on fire dead received 15 February, m. Vinogradov, where thnem destroyed 5 acres of dry grass and reeds. The same day, burning garbage in open areas and in the regional center. And the next day for fire rescue workers leaving three dead, 2 cases in Perechyn and again in grapes. By rule, these challenges times more frequent immediately after that ‚ as a rule of Transcarpathia warm and dryweather, especially the situation could worsen in late March – early April. It was at this time Transcarpathians start actively manage plots and plots, trying to get rid of last year's fallen leaves, dried grass, or other junk least time consuming way – burning. Unfortunately, these would-cleanersdo not care that the fire element must be very small ‚ to « break » with under human care and begin to destroy everything in its path, causing numerous property damage ‚ or even injuring themselves initiators cleaning. And of irreparable harm caused samopaly ecology, fauna and flora native land, and nothing saysichi. Yet lifeguard hope that common sense will prevail over countryman request « poprybyraty » using open flame. Rescuers Transcarpathia urge all countryman abandon the practice of burning fallen leaves ‚ dry grass and shrubs. And before you start cleaning the private mansion or Companyment, should think again about the possible negative consequences, and if there are any doubts about safety, it is better not to lay a fire, then neither health nor pocket will not suffer ... In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region