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In Ternopil regional police department athletes have won championships in cross-country competitions

on April 1, on the waterfront Ternopil pond near the sports center "Dynamo" championship race held in Ternopil regional organization of sports society "Dynamo" Ukraine with cross athletic competition program "Dynamiada -2015 ". The program of events included running at a distance of 1000 meters for men and women running on the 3000 and 5000 meters for men. The competition was attended by 50 participants from 11 teams collectives of physical training of law enforcement. The winner of the team event competition was the team of the Regional Department of the Interior, the secondand third place won Department of Civil Service of the Ministry of Interior in the Ternopil Oblast and the military unit 3002 of the National Guard of Ukraine. The winners in the individual competition were: - Hope Onyshkevych (Ternopil Gorotdel police, distance 1000 meters); - Sergey Marchuk (regional police, a distance of 1,000 meters); - Michael ClIMCO (military unit 3002 of the National Guard of Ukraine, distance 3000 meters); - Ruslan Danko (Department of Civil Service of the Ministry of Interior, distance 5000 meters). Winners of the competition were awarded with cups, diplomas and certificates regional organization "Dynamo". Vice-chairman regional organization "Dynamo" Vladimir Heaven