Ternopil police check the legality of the volunteers of "Ray of Hope" from Donetsk

car numbers stopped workers in Ternopil police. When checking the documents revealed that the driver and passengers - residents of Odessa region. All were drunk. The company behaved provocatively, stverdzhuing that they are representatives of voluntary organizations "Ray of Hope", which is registered in Chernivtsi. On examination, police found various documents, among which of blank documents and reports. Police seized boxes and trohlitrovi banks for donations. Separately stored folder with a list of all stores, gas stations, drugstores and Decemberomadskyh seats of each district area in which volunteers collect aid. This, say the investigators, thousands of schools across the Ternopil region. Three male volunteers rented a house in Great groves. Speaking with the police, they putalysya in shows and testimony repeatedly changed answers to the same question. Firstin saying who come to Ternopil friends. After some time argued that there is already a month raise money for sick children, and all donations transferred to the central office in Chernivtsi. Mixed response to suspects and on the number of collected donations and money transfer methods. Sum and they do not remember how they transferred moneyalso several versions. According to one of the volunteers, and was last passed about ten thousand head of the organization. For hotline "rays of hope" for law enforcement reported that ochilnytsya for more than a week outside Ukraine. Found to law enforcement, so-called volunteers from each box that banks took a salary as5 percent of the total amount. The event brought to a single register of pre-trial investigations under Article 190 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code - fraud. Ongoing investigation. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/