In the Rivne region IDPs arrange to work

in the Rivne regional employment center is always ready to help IDPs. Recently, with the assistance of staff Elon Schaeffer center of the city of Severodonetsk, in the Luhansk region, got a permanent job. After leaving their homes, forced migrants from the East goall directions to away from war. And Rivne region also receives these disadvantaged people. However, to get somewhere - it's half the battle, the most difficult to start from scratch - find housing and jobs. And for that, at least, must "knock on the door", because only they must be opened. Last summer, Elon Schaeffer moved from Severodonetsk the Rivne region and settled in the village of Little starling. In August 2014 Registered in Rivne regional employment center as unemployed. The woman turned for help in finding a job to Head of love Putri. Understanding of what life problems faced by immigrants, Love Putra actively engaged in seeking work for Elon.At the pereselenkoyu Employment Specialist Jobs picked seamstress and tailor, as in Severodonetsk woman working at this trades. Unfortunately, plain shocked low wages seamstresses in our region. However, having no other choice, a woman in December 2014 on zhodylasya organized training for employment centerPE "F" MIC ". And in January 2015, after adapting to new conditions and familiarity with the team, was pereselenka accept employment in a private seamstress "F" MIC ". This was reported in Rivne city employment center