Carpathian police advise how to protect the child from suicide

From the beginning of this year, Ivano-Frankivsk region were 5 cases of suicides committed by minors and his attempts. So the police are turning to adults edge of the advice note suspicious behavior and condition of a child who can plan suicide. As forsector suppliers criminal police Internal Affairs of Ukraine children in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast Police Lt. Alla Lemchak in four cases resorted to suicide boys. Twice - in Kosiv and Tlumach district, after trying to die children survived. Unfortunately, in two other cases - for Snyatynschyni and Rohatyn Rayono children could not be saved. Another attempt suicide this year she has committed in the city Nadvornaya. For each of the registered cases, police officers inspect, during which examines the motives and circumstances that led to the suicide of minors. An analysis of these cases, the main reasons for committing intentional withamoushkodzhen children have conflicts with parents, jealousy, strife between a guy and a girl, unrequited love, a difficult financial situation, the loss of a loved one. Of course, all these assumptions to avoid in life is not possible, however, parents, relatives and teachers should be vigilant to detect a child who has some risk to commit suicide.First of all, it should be remembered that most suicides occur among diffident children with low self-esteem, high need for understanding and support from others who are prone to self-incrimination, exaggerating his guilt. On the decision to commit suicide may affect, in particular, is difficult to adapt to praying the learning environment or residence bullying from classmates and friends, loss or death of a loved one, fear of responsibility for the crime, participation in various informal youth trends, deep feelings of depression, physical development defects and more. It is necessary to be careful if the child speaks openly about the desire to commitand suicide, makes indirect hints about such a possibility, for example, simulating or showing it publicly hinge belts, ropes. Also, the high risk of committing suicide actions may indicate active preconditioning, targeted search tools suicide and create the right conditions (accumulation of toxic and drugs) And so on. In view of all this, adults should pay increased attention to the condition and behavior of a child who has these problems, if necessary, to help her as much as possible - to eliminate the causes and conditions likely fatal act. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk