Derzhavtoinspektory Transcarpathia together with journalists caught

drivers violating During the raid the greatest emphasis on exceeding the set speed. Traffic police officers region held a joint raid with journalists of print and electronic media and members of the public association "special control". First stop membersraid in the village Rakoshyno made before the Mukachevo. Here, drivers often break the speed limit. The first field of police employee was a passenger minibus driver who has not missed a pedestrian. Influenced camcorders driver found violations and promised to continue to be careful. For the first time he was warned about the possible responsibility and tacosreminded of bound traffic enforcement. This time there were no assembly adminprotokol. Next stop - a segment of the road at the sanatorium "Carpathians" on the same Mukachivschyni. On the way there "traffic cops" recorded several overtaking on a continuous lane. But he company car drivers with no traffic police dared obihnAta in violation of rules ... Overall, the stay there checking no violations were found. Perhaps the pouring rain was in the way fans speed. Or maybe just drivers warned each other about police employee headlights come. Such joint raids with journalists and members of the public Transcarpathian "traffic cops" promiseconduct in the future. UGAI Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region