Vinnytchina, region and city leaders discussed with the administration of the Donetsk National University, prospective students resettlement options institution (+ photos)

Meeting of heads of regional state administration Valery Koroviya, Head of Regional Council Sergey scrolls and acting Vinnytsia Mayor Sergei Morgunova with the leadership of DonetskNational University was held April 1 at the main building of the institution. The issue of resettlement university students, according to the Rector Donna Roman Grynyuk the most problematic for the university. After all, if the local community through the issue resolved: in addition to the private sector, students live in dormitories and Vinnytsia higher vocational-ineducational institutions, their services and hotel "Southern Bug" - that on September 1, the number of students at the university will increase significantly. Among the promising options for housing stake- considered several areas, especially Vinnytsia Pedagogical University dormitory that street. 50th Anniversary of Victory, whereis the ability to accommodate up to 500 people. "Documents regarding the transfer of the object to the balance Donna are the Ministry of Education. A positive decision proprietary Commission will allow you to promptly use the available financial resources for capital expenditures. And we will help the maximum extent to settle this problem "- byRSA chairman Valery pointed cows. Discussed participants and prospects of college dorm food technology and technological Kalynivskyi Vinnitsa Medical Colleges. But each of these options require additional financial costs: for example, premises of the College of Food Technology, not ekspluatuvAlos over 10 years and is actually an emergency and Universities Kalynivskyi hostel has a problem with the hot water supply and sewerage. For the system to work with consideration of potential areas and determining motion vectors, RSA chairman Valery Cow commissioned to create a permanent working group comprising representatives of the regional,local authorities and Donetsk University. The teaching staff of the same institution as a housing option can be considered part of the city program "Municipal Housing", the terms of which, if desired, be aware. "At around the three houses that are built under this program is already sold. But if we understand what you want, etc.O pad will look to build another house ", - assured Acting Vinnytsia Mayor Sergei Morgunov. Among the issues of concern for the institution Rector of Donetsk National University has identified as forming material resources of the university. "We are working in this aspect of international donors involved in the project, but the process help so far is very slowo "- said Roman Grynyuk. He also noted that the ongoing negotiations concerning leasing another building during school building, which will enable the institution not only restore full operation are presented in, and continue to develop. After the meeting the heads of regional and city inspected the training room and laboratory chemical and physicoco-technical faculties reading the learning environment of students. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration