In the Transcarpathian region using funds from the regional budget for program support agricultural producers during Q1. 2015 Over

programs support agricultural enterprises provides estimates destination for 2015 in the amount of 5820.0 thousand. Including payables recorded in Organah State Treasury as of 01.01.2015r. in the amount of 870.0 thousand. UAH. in the following areas: - "Program development and support of animal farming in the region in 2010-2015" estimates destination for 2015 are 1700.0 thousand. including accounts payable is 500.0 thousand. are financed tand the funds used for silhostovarovyrobnykiv to settle accounts payable in 2014; - "Program Development and Support field crop for 2012-2015" provides estimates destination for 2015 in the amount of 4120.0 thousand. As of 03/30/2015, the financed funds worth 370.0 thousand. are used for redemptionsof payables for 2014; - "Conservation and sustainable use of land resources" approved the appointment estimates for 2015 in the amount 380,0tys.hrn. Department of Agricultural Development of Regional Administration This was reported in the Zakarpattia Oblast Administration