Be courageous, strong and healthy Ternopil the students learned in the law enforcement

Children should see the policemen assistant and friend - Ternopil police believe - and create this image should be through direct communication. Therefore, the provincial police department often invited students to visit local schools, Professoresiyno technical schools, students of universities. Yesterday, March 30, on tour in the regional police custody visited pupils from Ternopil Ukrainian gymnasium. Franko. The children said they were waiting for this too, because every day is an opportunity to come into the main building of the regional police. Some secrets of their profession shared with young guests Oleksiy Krivoruchko. The policeman knows what abilities and skills should have a police officer how best to maintain fitness and form a psychological resistance to stress, as the chief of sector training management staffing of the regional police department. - First, I wanted to convey to children -is that in any situation in life you need to be careful and responsible - says Alexei Krivoruchko. - Do not trust strangers, not fit and disassemble objects, whose purpose they do not know for sure, because the area often find rarities dangerous war. They should learn: hit the nebezpechnu situation - immediately call the police. Together with law enforcement, the students visited the shooting range and the gym, where trained police and law enforcement agencies learned the history of the land in the museum. Alex Krivoruchko knows to interest children stories is not enough, so they arranged for a true interactive. Students at a exclusionUli weight police remedies close to see who designs the training weapons and even competed with a policeman in strength and agility. Going on a trip to the regional police department, the students wanted to learn something new and unusual, and their expectations met. - We are very grateful to the police officers who opened their doors to us, - sayspit schoolgirl Victoria Vasylyk. - We really learned a lot of interesting and useful. In parting police wished young guests healthy and grow brave and those who finished school, feel the calling to become the guardian of law and order, police advised to enter the university. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region