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In the Rivne region rescuers ensure proper care of fire of

places of worship coming Easter. Therefore it is not surprising that during this period significantly increased emphasis employees State Treasury of Ukraine of Emergencies in Rivne region to places of worship. After all these holidays temples modvidaye large population. In addition, during the liturgy clergy and believers with a flame, which is extremely dangerous in significant crowd. In order to prevent fires of religious institutions, March 31 in the walls of the Holy Protection Cathedral rescuers had instructional classes DeanWe Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Rivne and Rivne region. Staff informed DSNS holy fathers of fire safety in the region and the main problems of fire protection of places of worship. In particular, it was emphasized that the Rivne region in the last five years in the church there were 4 objects fire. Mostly fireflashed through careless handling of fire and short-circuiting. Employees of the State Service of the National Assembly once again drew attention to the importance of the clergy to the rules of fire safety in religious buildings, especially during the festive Easter liturgies, in the presence of churches to obligatory primary means of fire, free access to evakuatsiynyh outputs and serviceability of the power supply. At the end of the holy fathers were handed monuments of clarifying the basic rules of fire safety in religious institutions to distribute them in the temple area. Priests were assured that in church sermons and in communication with the outside churches of parishioners they constantly remind the public aboutthe need for respect for fire safety and stress Duty ’ each connection protect the highest value that God bestowed – human life. Interim Duty ’ yazky Chief of DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region Colonel Yuri civil protection Koretsky said that only SPIlnymy efforts of rescue workers and priests, above all, rector of the church, it will be possible to invest in the shower parishioners awareness of all the calamities that brings merciless fire element. And at the same time understanding that misfortune can be avoided comply with fire safety regulations. Not paid attention to emergency personnel and such an important topictoday, as a regime of high alert in the area, the procedure to follow in case of emergencies and shelter in the defenses. PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region