Ivano-Frankivsk rescuers to help the population

March 30 at 06.56 h. Ivano-Frankivsk rescuers acted message asking you to open the door to the street Mazepa, since the apartment is a son for a long time did not respond to phone calls. The employees of the State Fire and Rescue unitsa 1 using ladders through the window of the 3rd floor penetrated inside the apartment and opened the door from the inside. The son of the owner was in satisfactory condition. On the same day at 21.20 hours. called ’ communications State Fire and Rescue unit number 16 City Rohatyn acted notice that the roadway road Rohatyn – Lvia village near Pidhoroddya, Rogatyn fallen tree and difficult passage of vehicles. Rescuers cut the tree and fired roadway from the debris. Management DSNS in