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In the Rivne region immigrants provide all the information on place of residence in

s. Willow by experts Dubno City Employment Center met with internally displaced persons. The place was communicating regional municipal institution "Verbska comprehensive sanatorium boarding school" where settled and live makelentsi. It is in areas where information and conduct outreach workers employment service for maximum employment support. Preparing for outbound day specialists carefully thought through all the details of the meeting. For two people who arrived recently made it possible to provide a full range of services. On the otherand that for a long time are near, discussed the plan further employment with the possible involvement of community service. To identify the needs of immigrants and purpose of an appeal to the Employment Service, experts questioned displaced. This survey is very important psychological basis of further promoting employment.For a deeper acquaintance with the services of employment settlers were given help booklets containing advice on job search, information on public and temporary work, start businesses and Internet services. The participants of the meeting showed how to use modern Internet resources: Portals "Trud" and site Rivne regionasnoho employment center, where you can gather useful information and to view the updated database of vacancies. At the end of the settlers showed register vacancies in Dubno actual location. Employment specialists heard all the stories about issues that concern everyone who moved from the area ATO. The main thing in these difficult timesand there are people who are willing to support and help. Settlers received a complete set of information, counseling and psychological services. And if they listen to all the recommendations and advice of experts Employment Service, every one of them will find their place under the sun. This was reported in Rivne city employment center