In Lutsk city children's clinic looking to upgrade to a modern ultrasound device

during a briefing chief physician circuit "Lutsk city children's clinic" Oksana Lyeschynska said that the key to successful treatment and speedy recovery is a correct diagnosis. Establishing the correct diagnosis is very necessary. Currently, the facility is ultrasound machine, which has '25And he has worked his life and does not allow proper inspection. She stressed that the clinic serves 50 thousand children. Daily institution attends 2000 children. The children examined at different pathology, including the heart. She said that many children diagnosed with various malformations of the cardiovascular system. Task doctors - o'clockbut it detect and begin treatment to avoid complications. Oksana Lyeschynska told that Volyn Regional Hospital helps children in the survey. However, their ultrasound machine very large load because there served children from all over the region. In addition, it creates considerable inconvenience to parents. She said parents have to be forwardedtion in an urban pediatric clinic, sign up for inspection, wait in queues. This all takes time. With the acquisition of new modern ultrasound equipment in Lutsk city children's clinic would allow professionals institution to conduct an accurate diagnosis of patients, saving time and money parents. Oksana Lyeschynska noted that in private hospitals RadiationCova diagnosis ranged from 120-140 USD. In the current difficult time parents spend the same amount costly. Chief physician circuit "Lutsk city children's clinic" stressed that the provision of quality services to citizens, improved material base is essential. Oksana Lyeschynska reported that some companies offer equipmentinstallment or credit. However, she said, it is necessary to make an advance payment in the amount of approximately 60%. She stressed that now want to raise funds for making the first payment. Oksana Lyeschynska noted that for this purpose they arrive at a charity event "ultrasound for children's hearts." Stressed that hopes to help representativesbusinesses, charities, concerned citizens. They want to collect 500 thousand to purchase ultrasound equipment with kardiodatchykom. To help the clinic and join Charitable Foundation "Stoprak." Its president Mary Adamchuk told that their activities are not only aimed at combating oncology, but in general to help medical facilities. In the??? stressed that it is important for the proper treatment of children is timely and accurate diagnosis. Without modern equipment, in its view, it is difficult to make. According to her, their stock has experience raising funds and now there is hope that they will be able to collect quickly. Maria Adamchuk said that would be the end of spring to purchase ultrasound equipment for children poliklinicknames. In turn, the head of the health purse Fedor said that the modern medical equipment is an important issue in qualitative treatment. He noted that health facilities are constantly helping charities, and for them it is a huge appreciation. Theodore purse noticed that even now there is hope through the support of not indifferentpeople's purchase of ultrasound equipment. Funds for the purchase of ultrasound equipment can be transferred to the account of the charity organization "Municipal hospital office" open RB "Aval" IFO 380 805, p / 26,003,150,825, EDRPOU 23255102. In the intended payment must indicate: "Ultrasound for children's hearts." This was reported in Lutsk City Council