In Volyn representatives of community groups with police patrolling the streets in Kovel

daily on the streets of the city to provide law enforcement with police breaking concerned citizens. In the building of Kovel Gorotdel Internal Affairs held its Annual Meeting of community formation "policing". In order whereic questions were raised daily joint patrols streets with police officers and the effective functioning of the organization. - The more established joint dresses, especially the city: we can cut. After all, our main task - to do everything to make citizens feel safe, - the head of Kovelskoho MB Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Volyn region Ivan Toussieux. During the meeting lively and keenly discussed the mechanism of exclusion from the ranks of the formation of public representatives who openly ignore the performance of their primary responsibilities. The result - a number of activists set up a working group that will deal with, so to speak, cleaning theirs ranks. Active representatives assured leadership formation Gorotdel police that constantly doluchatymutsya to patrol the streets and therefore pledged full cooperation to law enforcement agencies in preventing and stopping both administrative and criminal offenses. Elina Baginskiy, Kovel MB Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn regionand