Chernivtsi region, a fire killed

people over the past days in Chernivtsi region there were 3 fires, one of which killed a woman born in 1923. The fire originated in a building Mahala village Novoselytskyi area. The woman lived in the house itself. The fire was discovered landlady's daughter, who came to visit her mother in the morning. At the time when theyyavyly fire house owner was no sign of life. Since the area of ??the fire was small and self stopped fire-rescue units to the scene were not called. The fire damaged the floor and household items. The cause is under investigation. Another fire broke out in a house of a local resident in Hawtin at 18 rewardsus 30 minutes. The fire was noticed when neighbors fire had engulfed the entire building and immediately called for spetsliniyu 101. Trees ’ volved building construction contributed to the rapid spread of fire, because there was a danger of tipping is located next to the fire house. Rescuers city Hawtin eliminated the fire, preventing further spread pollm ’ i. The fire damaged ceiling and cover the building. Thanks to the actions of firefighters managed to save from destruction is near a house. According to preliminary findings cause of the fire was the violation of fire safety rules when using the stove heating. The dead and injured by a fire there. Press Service of Ukraine in Che UDSNSrnivetskiy area