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Experts inform that submitting a declaration for tax relief for compensation of the amount of the interest on your mortgage must submit the following documents: - Credit Agreement and notarized contract andthenEka; - Appropriate payment document, which clearly defined interest paid for the use of mortgage and first name and patronymic of the taxpayer, as the payer of the interest (due to reflection from the fund of funds transfer, payment of the bank with a note on the transfer of funds ) - Passport taxpayer with tagsCoy of the registration at the location of residential building (apartments, rooms) for which issued residential mortgage loan. The originals of these documents are not sent to the supervisory authority, but to be filed by the taxpayer during the period sufficient for tax audit supervisory authority of calculation of suchtax relief. Taxpayers are required to request supervisory authority and within its powers defined by law, to produce documents and information relating to a gain or entitlement to tax relief, tax calculation and payment, and confirm the authenticity of the documents necessary information Specifythem in a tax return with the tax. To speed up the audit authority calculating the amounts to be returned from the budget and ensure correctness of these sums, it is reasonable to provide to the tax office copies of the documents. As reported in accordance with subparagraph 166.3.1 Article 166, paragraph 166.3 TaxCode of Ukraine on December 2, 2010 2755 - VI amended, the taxpayer is entitled to include tax relief in reducing the taxable income of the taxpayer for the consequences of the tax year, determined on the basis of paragraph 164.6 of Article 164 CLE actually made it In reporting tax districtlooking costs, including the amount of interest paid by such taxpayer for the use of a residential mortgage loan, as determined in accordance with Article 175 of the Tax Code of Ukraine. Sector Communications Lutsk LIGHTS This was reported in Lutsk City Council