Students Lutsk marks International Day of Theatre Festival International Theater Day

students Lutsk city festival celebrated theater companies "Dyvohray - 2015" held at the Palace of Youth. Active participation in this event was theater groups GEI 4, 11, 13, 14, 22, 23, 26 educational and rehabilitation for pricesTrue, NEC boarding and Palace of Youth. Festival participants demonstrated a high level of acting and theatrical culture, interesting directorial idea, meaningful use decorations, music and noise design, technology. Each young artist tried to show acting, show the strength of their emotionsand inspiration. Upon completion of the arts festival were awarded to the winners and participants diplomas Board of Education of the City Council, including: - Exemplary theater group "Chudodiyi" (middle ages) Student Youth Palace won the Grand Prix; - For busy place and awarded exemplary theatrical studio "New Star" school-II withtupeniv number 11 collegium and exemplary theater group "Litavytsya" UC secondary school 22 degrees Lyceum; - Second place is occupied by the drama section marked "Veselyky" SPC "Gymnasium 14 Vasyl Sukhomlynsky" exemplary theater group "Chudodiyi" (senior age group) and the Palace of school youth theater group "Mask" UC school - andnternat I-III - jurisprudential Lyceum of heavy physical education; - Third place is occupied by the awarded drama school secondary school 13 degrees, student group 4 (8) -H class "Masks" school 4 named Modest Levitsky and theater staff "Perspective" UC 26; - For active participation in the festival city theaters "Dyvohray - 2015 "noted artistic and therapeutic theater" Zabavlyanochka "educational and rehabilitation center and theater group" bell "secondary school 23 degrees. Department of Education of the City Council (724 800, 728 058) This was reported in Lutsk City Council