"Alert" from Lviv informed the police about the underground casino

police officers immediately conducted a search of the premises authorized where, according L?vivate services are offered gambling nature. No violations were found. During the Reception, March 25, to guide the Office of the State Service for Fighting Economic evilvalidity of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Lviv region turned 36-year-old resident of the city. The man reported the establishment, located in the city center, which is supposedly a poker club and casino where customers provide services to gambling nature. Because this activity is contrary to the Law of Ukraine "On the prohibition of gambling business in Ukraine" togon the same day at the request of a citizen opened criminal proceedings for st.203-2 (occupation gambling) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. To verify the information received police conducted a search authorized by Lviv citizens specified address. During the search, accompanied by photo and video fixation, police found no equipment and facilitiesI to indicate activity on the poker room or casino. Neither found evidence providing services gambling nature. Associate Consultant institution explained that the premises operates ballroom, restaurant and conference room. No activity prohibited by law institution is conducting. Thus, the information communicated residentLviv has not found its confirmation.