In the Lviv region derzhohorontsi car thief arrested

Yesterday, March 29, employees of the Office of Detention Lviv State Security Service arrested a man who tried to steal a car dealership with a brand new "Audi A-6." Employees of a special platoon of police detention Shelf UDSO at the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region on Sunday, ca.yzko 18 hours arrested 30-year-old inhabitant of Ivano-Frankivsk. A man knocked at the door glass showroom, went to the room where there were brand new by car. Vpodobavshy a black "Audi", got behind the wheel, where he was detained by police officers. His work zone that he lacked the funds for the way home and decided to go on Frankivskbrand new car. At the scene was caused investigative team the Shevchenko district police department of the city. Man arrested. Denis Kharchuk, UDSO at the Interior Ministry Ukraine in Lviv region