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Anthem of Ukraine from the beginning conceived as a solo song with a guitar - historian Over

life Father Michael Verbitsky never experienced fame as the author of the national anthem. And the music for "Ukraine is still alive," he wrote for solo songs was performed with a guitar. This was told Ph.D. Basil Pan visiting Project « Historical etc.Abda with Vakhtang Kipiani » (Every Sunday at 22:30, Thursdays at 22:00 on Channel ZIK). &Laquo; That first song « Ukraine is still alive » conceived as a guitar solo song, seen from the original notation, which is stored in the department of manuscripts Scientific Library. Stefanik, – noted historian. &Ndash; In addition,it was a favorite instrument of guitar Father Michael Verbitsky. He thoroughly mastered playing the guitar & raquo ;. According to Basil Banach, despite the fact that Michael Verbitsky – author of the national anthem of Ukraine, his life we ??know very little, in the biography of many white spots. &Laquo; If we do not, this year marked the 200th anniversary of the birth ofttsya Michael Verbitsky, then it would continue to few people interested. Even on the place of his birth is very contradictory data, – Ban said Basil. &Ndash; Although the song « is still alive … » was very popular, it generally longer considered popular. Verbitsky not earned her fame. Moreover it as an unofficial anthem began to sing uphalf a century after writing – UNR and WUFR. In particular sounded « is still alive … » and during the Reunion Act & raquo ;. Paradoxically, the authors anthem Ukraine, composer Michael Verbitsky and Lyrics by Paul Chubynsky were not personally acquainted. Verbitsky just came across a poem that he liked and decided to write his musicyku. &Laquo; This is a rare case where the composer and poet did not know each other, never seen. But we have in this particular symbolism – words of the hymn written nadnipryanskyy Ukrainian, and put them to music Galician. This kind of idea about the character ’ unity of Ukrainian lands, which it began to form during the Ukrainian nationalOn revival. Then talk that people on both sides of the Dnieper – Ukrainian, one people, one nation & raquo ;, – Ban said Basil. Told