Transcarpathia: attention lavynonebezpeka! Last day for

vysokohir "m was observed cloudy, was weak sleet and snow. Mostly fog with visibility of 50 meters, complex deposits. Wind southwest in the afternoon of 5-10 m / s, 14-night 15 gusts of 18-20 m / s. The temperature is around zero during the day, at night 1-2 ° C below zero. During the day on vysokohir "m waitinguyetsya cloudy, strong afternoon sleet and snow, at night time snow. In some places, fog, ice, sleet snow storm. Wind southwest 15-20 m / s. The temperature during the day 0-2 ° C below zero at night, 2-5 ° C below zero. 30 - 31 March vysokohir "m Transcarpathian region stored avalanche. In DSNS Ukraine in Zakarpatviv region