Anatoliy Sirenko "overcome corruption together"

The dramatic changes taking place in the life of Ukrainian society, causing increased attention to the issue of fighting corruption. Everywhere appeals are heard most determined fight against corruption. Daily news releases ascertain the detention of new officials "on hot". All this shows that UkRaina still moved forward. As people continue to be heard talk of abuse by the police employee, especially inspectors of road patrol. Typically, these stories make substantial harm both the authority and the service of the public authorities in general. A number of social conditions corrupt act is trying to solveand power. But much depends on us. Combat is necessary not only to those who receive undue reward, but also with those who offer it. If properly functioning society, then there is no place of corruption. Department SAI, during covert inspection of subordinate units on the line repeatedly recorded facts aboutchevydnoyi provocation bribes from violators of traffic rules. Only this year 360 documented cases offer undue advantage of the traffic police road users. For 160 of them have opened criminal proceedings. Dear citizens, we all should capture in mind that everyone must answer for their prostupky. Traffic police, which requires the offender funds should incur penalties defined by the Criminal Code and leave the ranks of the service. But the driver who violated traffic rules must recognize this and to make budget specified by the law apply instead of seeking ways to avoid. Only under such conditions we will be worthy to look atchah each other. State car currently has deployed a large-scale information campaign on prevention of corruption in the traffic control. In cities and on roads with heavy traffic has placed 260 billboards thematic content. They are available including receiving my phone (044-272-57-52). Willingly hear everyone who Mr.Adast about corruption by police police. No appeal will be left without verification. Wine will bear responsibility. Head DDAI MIA Anatoliy Sirenko