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In the Rivne region rescuers eliminated the fire in an apartment high-rises

March 30 at 12:25 at the number « 101 » Employees of the emergency team « & raquo ;, Rivnegaz who came to the street O.Dundycha in Rivne urgent challenge of the unknown acrid smell in the housing n ’ yatypoverhivtsi acted report thatthree-room apartment on the 4th floor on fire. At the scene immediately was sent to regular fire and rescue units. At the scene of ’ it turned out that the room off the couch. A man who was in the apartment was already on the street under the supervision of physicians. Due to the strong caustic allocation of carbon monoxide through the burning couch, Firefighters had to work in respiratory protection devices. However, the fire was extinguished within 7 minutes and prevent the spread of fire in all apartments. Provitryvshy staircases and on making a flat round, rescuers ascertained that residents of flats is not threatened regular units DSNS returned in paragraphostiyne location. The fire had damaged sofa, household items and sooty walls in the room. Size fire caused property damage and cause of the fire is currently under investigation. PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region