In the Volyn region only coordinated work of all parts of the civil protection will ensure the successful implementation of tasks in today's conditions - Basil Stoyetskyy

February 11 in Volyn working visit of Deputy Head of the State Emergency Ukraine Major General Civil Protection Vasyl Stoyetskyy. During the meeting,with top management DSNS in Volyn region, he noted that Ukraine DSNS put a lot of critical and very important task of protecting civilians, restoration of damaged infrastructure in eastern Ukraine, neutralization of explosive devices, training of the population of our state safety rules and actions in order toypadok various kinds of emergencies like. Achieving these goals successfully carried out thanks to the courage and dedication of staff units Rescue « 101 & raquo ;. Rescuers play a key role in the evacuation of civilians, including as drivers on buses and armored cars « KrAZ » of cities and towns experiencing constant attacks. Pyrotechnics daily neutralized hundreds of explosive devices, as specifically set and those that do not exploded. Psychologists and civil protection experts working around the clock to transit points in the places where internally displaced people and at the railway station in the city. Kiev, helping themovercome the difficult moral and psychological state, to find a new residence, solve everyday problems and so on. Basil F. stated that the results of this work assessed at the highest level. Lutsk Deputy Chairman of the State of Emergency Situations of Ukraine Vasyl Stoyetskyy by highly professional performance of service required ’ bonds, Bold and decisive action during emergency response, achieving high performance in work rewarded n ’ yatoh rescue units UDSNS in the Volyn region - a Diploma, others - Thanks DSNS Ukraine. The reports on the performance of its leadership in the field of administrative documents tsyvyl defense officials were DSNS field offices and Civil Protection RSA. With regard to the functioning of the territorial area of ??civil protection subsystem head of the State Administration of Civil Protection Vasyl Romka informed that the head of civil protection region issued a number of relevant rosesporyadzhen and instructions regarding the transfer of all parts, services and civil defense forces territorial subsystems on high alert. Each regional centers and cities of regional subordination created mobile groups that provided the necessary special equipment and specialists to effectively respond to possible emergencies.Deputy Chief of DSNS region, Lieutenant civil protection Konstantin Romanchuk reported that together with the local authorities 26 protective structures of civil protection given to the degree of readiness above, and in general have made an inventory of 62% of defense equipment. According to calculations of Special Fundnyh, basements and other structures of civil defense shelter allows for over 90% of the population in cities and towns. Utilities towns and villages held labeling repositories. Work continued acceptance and social support IDPs. The region is 3284 persons, of which 276people of Crimea and 3008 individuals from areas of TU. To social security in RSA Appointments monthly targeted assistance to families appealed in 1484, arranged in schools 527 children. During the entire period of the regional headquarters of IDPs assisted in the form of food gth weighing 22 tons, hygiene kits – 242 items, clothing – 5 600 kg, and more. Deputy Chief of DSNS colonel civil defense Sergey George in his speech, reported on the work of monitoring and prevention unit in checking the state of readiness of command and control and protective equipment in accordance with the approved ChairmanS RSA schedule. As of February 10, 2015 about 269 checked ’ objects, of which 142 defenses. Composed the inspection acts and regulations that are handed leaders about ’ objects. Are practical working plans for responding to emergencies and civil defense plans for the special period. To teachReference population safety rules and rules of conduct during emergencies in the region there are four counseling centers that provided information materials involved all regional and district media made popular city ’ monuments and leaflets with safety rules in the regional capital deployed mobile training and consultation item civiliantion protection. Deputy Head of Service also held a meeting with the Deputy Head Sergey Kudryavtsev and Deputy Chairman Svetlana Myshkovets. In the course of its present consensus that one of the main problems – ensure proper protection of the civilian population not only in the easts, and in all regions of the state through organizational and practical measures government services and civil protection. As a result of the meeting identified a number of issues, including: determining the number of protective structures needed for shelter population of the area in accordance with the regulations, bringing in readiness basements, Actosovanyh to protect people and to determine the appropriate amount of money, as well as audits of their readiness. Deputy Head of Service also expressed a desire to create an effective system of monitoring the activities of regional and urban parts of the civil protection area, organize their reporting materials. Management DSNS in Volyn region