In Ternopil Pidvolochyschyny from the ranks of the Armed Forces sent 14

mobilized fourteen Pidvolochyschyny community mobilized from the area held the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On the eve of men trained in Rivne region. Support the men came officials, clergy, relatives, friends and residents Pidvolochysk. With gratitude for PAtriotyzm them turned head Pidvolochysk State Administration Ruslan Beloshytskyy. "It is important that everyone understand that on his citizenship depends on whether Ukraine will win the fight against the aggressor. You showed courage and patriotism. Thank you for this, "- said Ruslan Beloshytskyy. After secondary school students Pidvolochyskmen gave their pictures with warm regards, and blessed Father Taras soldiers on the protection of the welfare of the Fatherland. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration