In pictures. Khmelnytsky oblast officials planted

square Every year in March and April is an action "for a clean environment", which brings together tens of thousands Podolyan. Mass and this year's event. Labor groups, public towns and villages clean and prychepuryuyut entrusted territory roadside roads, memorials, plant trees. The weekend inKhmelnytsky under this action took place Saturday. Well have worked in all areas. By planting Khmelnytsky joined Head of Regional State Administration Michael Zahorodnyi and his deputies, regional council chairman John Potter, secretary of the City Council, acting Mayor Konstantin Chernylevskyy, which together with the public Khmelnytsky forestivnykamy, students Masivetskoho school forest planted trees in the coastal zone of the Southern Bug. From the supermarket "Taurus" to the footbridge planted over 500 lindens, birches, maples, oaks red. The information was