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Privat and continue strategic partnership to market sales of

tickets in 2015 and Privat largest national operator tickets continue the policy of strategic partnership to market ticket sales in Ukraine. As representatives of the bank and the company, a partnership that started in the middleThe uniform last year, allowed the bank's customers to buy tickets at affordable prices quickly and easily, using the latest technology solutions. "In just 6 months from the beginning of our cooperation through service and Internet Bank Privat24 has sold more than 20 000 tickets - the head direction" Payments and Transfers "PryvatBanku Michael Rogalskyy. - PrivatBank is almost 4 million active users Privat24 is customers who are used to obtain services through the Internet and trust us, and now our partners ". According to the, in addition to cooperation ticketing company served as Privat and considers it her mainof the bank that not only makes payments on time, but the only bank in Ukraine that provides customers with 24/7/365 service mode, which is important for operators. "Our partnership in private for many successful years. Our cooperation from the beginning not only financial but also technical. Privat undisputed leader in financial cehmenti, and the development of technological innovation. We are honored to partner with the leader of the banking segment of Ukraine. "- Said director Sergei Kravets. ticket offices and privat24 pratsyuyetsilodobovo and the reservation and payment of tickets is simple - as in the video. Simply go to the online bank, and in accordancemenu to determine the date of the flight, choose a flight, complete data on passenger and pay the e-ticket with any credit or bank card. Route List is bound to the buyer by email and confirms the payment for the ticket. Privat also introduced a loyalty program that will earn 5% when paying aviakvytkiv card Privat. According to the bank, now when buying tickets on the site every customer is guaranteed to receive 5% of the bonus account.