Khmelnytsky region, a day due to short circuit happened fire 2

March 28 at 8:55 at the point called ’ m of communication. Kam ’ Kamyanets-Podolsky received information about a fire in a private house in s.Sokil. To the scene firefighters arrived promptly 6th State Fire and Rescue part of. Kam ’ Inets-Podolsk and local fire brigade s.Sokil that fire area of ??10 square meters. m localize at 9:27, at 9:35 eliminated. The fire destroyed coatings, flooring and household items. But rescuers at 10:48 Shepetivsky district received a report of a fire in a building in economic s.Sulzhyn. Firefighters 29th State Fire and RescueFirst post town. Harz and volunteer fire brigades Cereal s.Chotyrboky localized fire about 11:06 and about 11:11 eliminated. The fire damaged the building coverage and overlap. The cause fires – short circuit. ACCIDENTS fires were not. PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky oblast