With the city went into a zone ATO joint unit

police Recently east state went a combined volunteer detachment of the employees of the State Service for Combating Economic Crimes of Horodok Lviv, Zolochiv, Sambor, Yavorov and the city. All the men were specialized training on military training ground in Javorivskyi area to be pidhotovlenymy to combat missions in the field - special medical and physical training, as skillfully trained in vluchaty goal from different types of small arms. The specifics of law enforcement tasks in eastern causes of duty in full battle outfit and with special means. "The main goal of our service - opposition to economicher crime, however, shnih difficult for the state under all volunteers willing to stand in defense of its interests in the area of ??anti-terrorist operation "- said the detective sector GSBEP Frankivsk Lviv police station Police Major Rostislav Spishnyak that one of the first volunteered to perform required charge ' Connection. Before you set offyou're on the road, police bowed in earnest prayer. They visited the Cathedral of St. George to worship one of the most important Christian relics - the Image of Jesus Christ (Veronica scarf). Stay sanctuary in Lviv is evidence that the difficult situation in Ukraine attracted the attention of the whole world that cares for us and support. CCA Research Affairs of Ukraine in Lviv region the materials UDSBEZ Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region

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