In Transcarpathia GSO staff caught the robbers armed with knife

ratings Two recent mini-market, threatening with a knife taken from a woman in the amount of money the seller thousand. But thanks to the "anxious button" call the police the robbers fled far. About 23 o'clock on the remote central monitoring UDSO area at MIA came withyhnal "anxiety". Clicked in one of the mini-markets of Uzhgorod. The police detained the group immediately went to call. At the scene scared prodavchynya derzhohorontsiv met with the cry: "Robbed!". - The establishment has gone two strangers, threatened with a knife, demanded money. I was afraid, and gave the proceeds in the amount of one thousand UAH. Pislya robbers then disappeared in an unknown direction, and I pressed the "alarm button" - says the victim. The woman described in detail robbers. The police called to the scene, another outfit for a thorough examination of the surrounding area. Soon, police found two men who approached the description prodavchyni. It was also found a knife,which, obviously, and the robbers threatened seller mini-market. Forward Gorotdel taken to the police to clarify all the circumstances of the event. The investigation continues. UDSO at MIA Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region