Vadim Sytnyk "On the wrongful acts of Rivne police can tell homeland security"

March 27, at a press conference head of internal security in Rivne Oblast Department of Homeland Security Affairs of Ukraine Police Colonel Vadim Sytnyk reported details of the arrest police officer, calling on residents Reevenenschyny 3500 dollars. According to Vadim Sytnyk, March 25, Homeland Security Department a man who complained of a policeman. The police officer demanded money to a third person, who allegedly owed by the applicant. The subject of the conflict was a motorcycle. However, as it became known, another assistant for a positive decision had receivesto share. However, during the extortion of money - 12 thousand and $ 500 - operatives in cooperation with prosecutors region detained 24-year-old policeman and his accomplice in the yard. - Only together we can turn the confidence in the police - summed Police Colonel Vadim Sytnyk. - Because, etc.wrongful acts of the police report of Rivne, we ask for the phone number 679-608. Currently, law enforcement agencies detained in court elected a measure of restraint. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Rivne region