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Vinnytchina: Last year in the observed reduction of administrative law offenses

Reported by Department of Statistics in the Vinnitsa region. Last year 154.1 thousand deals. Affairs, which ordered (decision), which is 15% less than in 2013. Legislation Ukpayina ppo administpatyvni ppavopopushennya aims for Human ohoponu i hpomadyan freedoms, property, legal intepesiv for Human pidppyyemstv i, i ophanizatsiy institutions established ppavopopyadku, strengthening legality, ppavopopushennyam prevention, education in the spirit hpomadyan exact steady dodepzhannya Constitution i i Ukpayina laws. State administrative offense caused to propertyovoyi damage of almost 2 mln., but it was reimbursed only 6% (0.1 mln.). 99% of losses suffered violations of the laws and regulations in the field of environmental protection, natural resources, protection of cultural heritage. In 2014. imposed administrative penalties on 148.0 thousand. people (2013. - to 176.2 thousand. people). Administrative centuryyahnennya a fine applied to 83% of offenders, resulting in fines in the amount of 42.8 mln., of which 27.3 million paid voluntarily. The average amount imposed in 2014. fine amounted to 347 USD. (In 2013. - 249 UAH.). Each of the eight offenders were issued a warning; for the remaining offenders were imposedadministrative detention (2%), deprived them of a special law (1%), aimed at public and remedial work (1%), and seized and confiscated items and money. As in previous years, the most significant share (82 thousand. Cases or 53%) were offenses committed in transport, in road services and communications. The main pravoporushennyamy in this area is a violation of drivers of vehicles set speed limits movement, banned travel to signal Traffic (47 thousand. cases); drive vehicles by persons who are in a state of alcohol, drugs or other intoxication (10 thousand. cases); operating rules violations by drivers Transprtnyh means the rules of use seat belts or helmet (nearly 8 thousand. cases). For Administrative transport, industry and road services due to liability in 2014. brought 80 thousand. people, of whom 75 thousand. people fined 35.9 million. (Average fine was 477 USD.). Second place - 37 thousand. Cases (24%) occupy offenses that infringe on public order and public safety. The main violations in this area are drinking beer, alcoholic and soft drinks in the forbidden law or local appearance in public drunk - 15 thousand. Interior and tobacco smoking in prohibited areas - 5 thousand. Srights. In comparison with 2013. persons to whom considered administrative cases in this area has decreased by 20%. According to the drinking of beer, alcoholic and soft drinks in the forbidden law or local appearance in public in a drunken state prevented 11 thousand. People and fined 3 thousand. Persons in the amount of 157.9 thousand. (Average sizefine was 49 USD.) for smoking tobacco in prohibited areas were warned about 4 thousand. infringers and fined nearly 1 thousand. people at the amount of 97.0 thousand. (Average fine - 113 UAH.). Much of the offense are that infringe on the established order management - 19 thousand. Cases or 12%. The main offenses kgthe second area are: residence without a passport - 8 thousand. cases; willful destruction or loss of his passport negligence - almost 4 thousand. cases; violation of the terms of citizens (re-) award, fire, cold or pneumatic weapon and regulations taking its registration - 1.5 thousand. cases. For your offense prevented almost 2 thousand. People and oshtrafovano more than 16 thousand. persons in the amount of 1.4 million. (Average fine - 84 USD.). This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration