Rivne region, rescuers calling citizens refuse burning dry grass, leaves and other plant debris;

Department DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region encourages citizens to abandon the practice of burning fallen leaves ‚ dry grass and shrubs. With the establishment of dry weather, fire and rescue unit area isoften involved in fire suppression in ecosystems, due to careless handling of fire, ordinary negligence, burning dry vegetation and it remains in open areas. The fire destroyed not only dead wood, but also seeds and roots of living plants, damaged the lower parts of trees and shrubs. It destroys the humus, soil formation op diehanizmy and bacteria that play an important role in microbiological processes and help plants absorb nutrients. This leads to the deterioration of soil quality and, consequently, to a decrease in yield. Innocent seemingly burning can lead to large-scale fires threaten the destruction of dwellings and people's lives. Fieryand element absorbs everything in its path alive. Dying plants, insects, young animals and birds. Regular arson reduce biodiversity and disrupt the natural balance. Destroyed unique protected vegetation. When burning leaves and other plant debris released into the air harmful chemicals that reduce human immunity,cause allergies, respiratory problems, increase negative chronic course, and contribute to the development of cancer. Often the fire gets different garbage, which significantly increases the level of air pollution and increases the damage to health ’ i. Pam ’ Yatai, for unauthorized burning dry vegetation or residual peredbachena administrative and criminal liability. According to Article 77-1 .. Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences burning stubble fields, meadows, pastures, areas of steppe, wetlands and other natural vegetation, vegetation or residual and fallen leaves in the easement roads and railways, parks, other ZeleThey plantings and lawns in towns without the permission of state control in the field of environmental protection or in violation of the permit, as well as the failure of a person who was granted permission to said firing or residual vegetation and fallen leaves, timely measures for the suppression – dragby a fine on citizens from ten to twenty times the income and officials – of n ’ fifty to seventy times the income. The same acts committed within the territory and about ’ objects of nature reserve fund - punishable by a fine on citizens inEid twenty to forty times the income and officials – from seventy to one hundred times the income. According to Art. 245 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine destruction or damage to forest areas, green spaces around towns along the railway, and stubble, dry dykorostUchiha grass, foliage or residues on agricultural lands by fire or other dangerous method – shall be punishable by a fine of three hundred to five hundred untaxed minimum incomes, or restraint of liberty for a term of two to five years, or imprisonment for the same term. The same actions that sprychyNeely deaths, mass death of animals or other grave consequences – punishable by imprisonment for a term of five to ten years. Rescuers call citizens refuse burning dry grass, leaves and other plant debris; For each arson not only severely damage the environment, destroying wildlife, but also contributes to otherss negative effects, bringing the threat to life and health ’ S people. PG DSNS in Rivne region