Volyn region, pyrotechnics DSNS eliminated 21 ammunition

March 26 employees of pyrotechnic works of regional management DSNS eliminated 21 explosive items found in Starovyzhevskiy area. The day before during excavation near the village Smidyn locals discovered several objects similar to the ammo. People willRescuers said the number « 101 & raquo ;. When checking the area pyrotechnics discovered until twenty mines During the WWII, and eliminated them in a special landfill. On the same day, rescuers went back to one locality Starovyzhevskiy area – Dubechnya village. It came out on alarmdangerous discovery. In the said territory pyrotechnics found an artillery shell caliber 122 mm and destroyed it. Rescuers call for citizens to be extremely careful in identifying objects similar to the ammunition, can not touch them, and immediately notify the Service « 101 & raquo ;! UDSNS in Volyn region