Ivano-Frankivsk Vladimir Chornous announces the poor state of querying local councilors vokonavchymy by the Board

53 During the meeting of the city council City Council Vladimir started Chornous called Temporary Commission on implementation of parliamentary inquiries On another deputy request during 53 Sesith City Council gave Vladimir Chornous. As the city chosen, practice shows that requests executive council deputies performed poorly. By the city council did not respond to parliamentary inquiries, and if they match, only outlining the general problem. Even during the 50th session of the Ivano-Frankivsk city council Wallodymyr Chornous request addressed to the deputy that unknown company to Maksimovic, 10 lit illegal dump. Then the deputy asked the relevant regulatory authorities to deal with the situation. However, according to the deputy, except ME "Municipal inspection of improvement" natural landfill nobody checked. Currently landfill withbilshylosya. Therefore, the deputy Chornous appealed to Mayor Victor Anushkevychus to take the necessary measures to implement due diligence on landfill Maksimovic, 10. Also called elect Mayor City Council authorize the Secretary Nikolai Vitenko bring to the next meeting to approve the draft interim position checklistSecond Commission on the implementation of parliamentary inquiries. This was reported in Ivano-Frankivsk city council