Transcarpathia, illegally allocated 5 hectares of land in Khust requires prosecutors to return to the state

Khustsky Interdistrict Prosecutor's Office in the Economic Court lawsuit Zakarpastkoyi region is presented in the public interest to economic entities of private law and Rocosiv village council Council for annulment of the lease of land lisovohat Facility area of ??5 hectares in the village. Den Hust District normative value of about 800 thousand. As explained Hust inter-district prosecutor Sergei Zovdun, grounds for prosecution appeal the court served the fact that the transaction concluded in violation of the Land and Forest Codes of Ukraine, as the site is located within the forest fund. Krafter that, the decision of the competent authorities to withdraw Date of grant of land for use under lease not taken. Press office of the Prosecutor's Office Transcarpathian region